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While we will make every attempt to honor a scheduled appointment, all aerial services are subject to the weather which can change at any moment. If we arrive at location, and determine the need to reschedule due to weather, you will not be charged for that visit. Weather also effects the lighting which also effects the pictures. More on this under the SUN-LIGHTING section.

AIRSPACE (Aerial Pics):
All areas are subject to an air space check to make sure we comply with FAA Part 107 rules/regulations. Have a look at what we have to decipher just to fly our sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Services) in your area. If you understand the charts below, you're probably a pilot!

(Subject to AREA CLAUSE.)
Not every home or property is equal when it comes to lighting. Full-on sun light often causes shadow issues with certain properties. Overcast, early morning, or late evening are typically the best weather for aerial imagery due to the indirect nature of the sun light, with the exception of vacant land. Weather also effects the lighting which also effects the pictures. Ablaze Photography holds the person who orders responsible for scheduling the appropriate time that would be best for lighting. In other words: If it ends up being cloudy in the pictures and the person who ordered had hoped for more sun-light or different weather, we can make a separate trip, but charge a $25 gas fee & $75 to redo pictures. All video & virtual tours services are final with no refunds. Having acknowledged this, we at Ablaze Photography desire to provide an excellent, praise-worthy service, and will make every attempt to let you know if we think it is a bad day for photos and can return with no additional charge - if it is before we have captured all of the pictures, video, etc (subject to our AREA CLAUSE). If we start taking pictures and realize the sun-lighting is an issue, we will let you know and try to reschedule free of charge with the exception of our AREA CLAUSE.  
AREA CLAUSE: (All areas outside of the main Wasilla, Palmer areas are subject to a $25 gas fee. Please see our Main Service Area below.)

We take your privacy very seriously and your neighbor’s as well. We will do all we can to exclude defining characteristics of neighborhood properties or people. If vehicles are in the pictures, license plates will be blurred out. People will be edited out as well, etc.

Simply put, trash and other yard debris looks B-I-G-G-E-R in aerial pictures. It is always best to plan ahead when it comes to property cleanliness.We encourage all home/property owners to remove everything from the grounds not wanted in pictures, videos, or virtual tours. - Likewise for our listing photos. Have home/property in show-ready condition as photos/video will be taken as-is at the arranged time.

We deliver pictures/video in the following formats:
  • JPG format via email for fastest download experience. (Lowest quality with quick delivery, approximately 2500 X 1400.
  • JPG or PNG formats to download via Google Drive link: (Highest Quality)
  • MP4, WMV, AVI Video upload to AlaskaDronePics' YouTube account and made available by via Google Drive. We shoot the video in up to 4K quality, but find that HD1080P is sufficient for most viewers. 4K video is available upon request for an extra fee. If you have a different format in mind, feel free to let us know and we'll see what we can do.

After finalizing our services, we send out an e-Invoice to you to collect payment. We accept VISA / MASTER CARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal. Upon confirmation of payment, we will forward your quality product via email, Google Drive, etc., as attachments or links to download.  :-)

We affix our logo as a non-intrusive watermark to pictures, virtual tours, and videos. We reserve the right to the copyright of all videos, pictures, etc which we produce and extend the privilege to the purchaser to edit/crop the media as you please (even to the removing of our logo) as long as it doesn't limit our freedom to use the media as we choose. See our Video/Photo Portfolios for examples.

We believe in the excellence of our product/service and thus have learned our trade well observing strict safety guidelines and flight discipline. Moreover, we have fulfilled our training with Drone Pilot Ground School as well as have a Certified Remote Pilot Certificate  w/sUAS Rating and will display this upon request.
We are insured to fly a SUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial System). If in the unlikely event that we cause damage to property or person - we and you are covered. Our proof of insurance is available upon request.  One of the rules the FAA has given us to follow in Part 107 is to have all non-participating people under cover and protected. (This is includes everyone except our Remote PIC (Remote Pilot In Command) & VO (Visual Observer) which is usually one of my children. Many people are very interested in observing our drone in action and we are happy to accommodate. - All we ask is that you do so from a place of safety by being under cover or unfortunately, we will have to pack up and not perform drone services. We always keep our Proof Of Insurance & Drone Remote Pilot's Certificate available to show!

Located in Wasilla already, we service the MatSu Valley & Eagle River (sorry - no Anchorage). We do charge a travel fee of $25 for any properties outside of the Wasilla/Palmer main town areas. Here is a map of our NO-FEE Service Area:

  • FAA Licensed
  • Certified Remote Pilot w/ sUAS rating (drones from .55lbs to less than 55lbs.) (Remote Pilot's Certificate available to show upon request.)
  • Insured (Certificate available upon request.)
  • Safety and Privacy are our greatest concerns.
The Federal Aviation Administration's NEW Small UAS Rule (Part 107), including all pilot and operating rules, is in effect as of 12:01 a.m. EDT on August 29, 2016. Read more about this here: https://goo.gl/wsGNAD

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions constitutes permission for us to perform requested services at the address(s) for which services are ordered and acknowledgment that the authority to give that permission is that of the person ordering services.
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